CLP for black guns with cutting-edge NanoMaxx™ technology reduces friction on bolts and actions and eases removal of gas plugs, choke tubes and other parts while protecting surfaces from rust and corrosion.


Operate your black and repeating-action guns at peak performance. While the hard manganese phosphate coating makes your guns less susceptible to rust, “black” metal surfaces have numerous micro-pores that can leave actions rough and create places for carbon, powder residue and grit to collect and build up.


Black Diamond’s NanoMaxx™ technology fills micro-pores and crevices with diamond particles that act like microscopic ball bearings. Result: Actions and bolt reciprocation are smoother. Autoloader cycling is more reliable. And gas plugs and choke tubes are easier to remove.


Their dry-to-touch, advanced cleaning formula removes powder and carbon buildup while it lubricates and protects. QMaxx patented water-displacement properties prevent destructive rust and corrosion by pushing moisture away from treated metal surfaces—even inside chambers.


Black Diamond cleans while it protects. And because QMaxx doesn’t build up on surfaces or become gummy or lacquer-like, the more you use Black Diamond, the easier your cleanup.


QMaxx Black Diamond is safe for factory gun finishes, wood and plastic parts. Supported and endorsed by leading gun manufacturers.

QMaxx Black Diamond